Protecting Europe beyond its Borders: The Agreements between Europol and Third States or International Organizations

Alessandro Rosanó


Under Article 3(2) of the Treaty on the European Union, the Union shall offer its citizens an area of freedom, security, and justice without internal frontiers, in which the free movement of persons is ensured in conjunction with appropriate measures with respect to external border controls, asylum, immigration, and the prevention and combating of crime. The objective is paramount, especially as far as the fight against transnational crime is concerned. Over time, experts have stressed that the protection of the EU and the Member States must be guaranteed not only inside European borders but also outside Europe in order to be effective: Thus, forms of cooperation with non-European States and other international organizations are strongly needed. Then, the article focuses on one of these forms of cooperation: The operational and strategic agreements concluded by Europol with third countries and international organizations. An overview of the content of the agreements is provided and an assessment is made so as to understand whether these kinds of agreements actually enhance the role played by the European Union on the global stage while effectively protecting human rights at the same time.

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